Environmental Protection

AIS provide a comprehensive waterproofing service for al types of environmental protection projects were contaminated water and/or soil needs to be contained or managed:

  • Mineral tailing ponds

  • Land sealing

  • Sewerage works

  • Other environmental protection projects

Minerals tailing ponds

Protecting the environment is critical for all types of mining operations. Many mines use tailings pond to help remove solid contaminants from mine water and overflow.

To prevent environmental damage, is critical that no waste water leaks into the environment around the pond.

With Liquid Rubber, professionally applied to either old or new ponds, the pond is completely sealed. The Liquid Rubber membrane can accommodate the heat, pressure and land movement usually associated with mining tailing ponds.

Land Sealing

In scenarios where land fill exists and must be contained for long periods, Liquid Rubber can be professionally applied to ensure none of the land fill escapes into the surrounding environment.  Both liquid and gas elements are safely contained even through extreme temperature changes and high UV exposure.

Sewage Works

Sewage is one liquid that no one wants to escape!  Our trained professional applicators can ensure that sewage containment tanks are protected from corrosion over a long period of time being exposed to chemicals used in sewage.  Applying Liquid Rubber to new tanks will ensure a much longer lifetime for the tank.

Other Environmental Protection Projects

Other types of environmental protection projects where AIS can assist include:

  • waste water storage

  • pump stations