Planter Boxes

  • Incorrect waterproofing system or poorly applied membranes

  • Incorrect plants

  • Poor construction and structural failure

  • No drainage or blocked draining

  • Garden tools

AIS provide comprehensive waterproofing services for all types of commercial planter boxes, including new and refurbished planter boxes.

AIS can solve all these common issues and if AIS is contracted early in the design process, AIS will ensure these common problems are avoided entirely.

Waterproofing Solution

AIS offers a complete waterproofing solution for new and existing planter boxes on high-rise buildings and commercial properties.

Our rigorous quality assurance system and superior range of products ensures AIS can prevent all water ingress and leaks associated with planter boxes.

The AIS service includes:

  • Removing existing plants and soil

  • Unblocking drains

  • Removing failed waterproofing membranes

  • Repairing any structural damage

  • Apply AIS Liquid Rubber High Build and/or Liquid Rubber Instant Set

  • Test the waterproofing membrane

  • Line walls with protection board with drainage and install trim to hold board in place

  • line floor with drainage cell and geofabric

  • Replacing drainage materials or systems if applicable

  • Replacing soil

  • Replacing plants

  • fixing irrgation



AIS can also recommend a range of plants suitable for use in commercial planter boxes.

AIS services are guaranteed.