Water Features

Water features including fountains and ponds are common focal features of modern commercial landscape design. They provide a tranquil focus and introduce movement, sound and light to the garden. Water cools and nourishes gardens.

Some designers avoid water features as they are expensive to install, hard to waterproof and difficult to maintain.

All Industry Services (AIS) now offer a cost effective solution to waterproof new landscaping water areas and repair existing water features, fountains and ponds:

New Water Features
  • Design consultation service

  • Prepare all areas requiring waterproofing

  • Supply and install Liquid Rubber waterproofing system

  • Test the waterproofing membrane

  • Fill the water feature

  • Guarantee performance

Refurbish and Repair Existing Water Features

AIS offer a comprehensive refurbishment and repair service including:

  • Drain and clean the water feature

  • Remove existing waterproofing membrane system

  • Repair any damaged concrete or other substrate

  • Repair plumbing and pumps, if required

  • Apply a new Liquid Rubber membrane

  • Test and refill the water feature

Membrane Product

We use environmentally friendly products they are safe for all types aquatic flora and fauna.

Our reinforced pond membranes are highly durable. Liquid Rubber will stretch to allow for movement in the concrete structure. If the membrane does become damaged for any reason, localized problem areas can be repaired without replacing the entire membrane.

start to finish we can drain, clean, grind and reline.

We can evan get the plumbing and pumps fixed for you too just give us a call and we will sort it out

our reinforced pond membranes are highly durable and easy easily fixed if somehow damaged.

We always use environmentally friendly products so it's safe for the anything you want to put in it

Pond Sealed with AIS Liquid Rubber
Pond after Spraying AIS Liquid Rubbe
Pond After using High Build
Pond prepped and clean